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Post by Fred E 104 SII on Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:21 am

Spartan Program

A UNSC Spartan based group that has specialized training that applies to not just Halo 5 but all FPSs, TPSs and RTS games. We are recruiting for Spartan IIs and Spartan IIIs. Our training is expansively on Tactics and Strategies then apply it in a coordinated team. Attitude is everything here so we expect maturity, honesty and integrity.

Spartan IIs

  • Train for 6 months (3 months of war college and 3 months of combat scenarios).

  • Need to have a positive K/D ratio.

  • Willing to lead Warzone, Arena and Raid games

Spartan IIIs

  • Train for 3 months (Month and a half war college and a month and half of combat scenarios).

  • Need to have at least a .90 K/D ratio

  • Able to communicate well and follow instructions

Contact: Fred E 104 SII for questions or applications

Spartan Program Website:
Spartan Program YouTube:
Spartan Program Club: Spartan Program
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